N- AMATIC SYSTEMS, combines over 25 years of experience of its founders, incorporating youth project engineers, researchers and technicians prestige.

We offer water treatment systems , highly efficient , compact stations in saving space, power and additives, which will allow them to reduce their costs per cubic meter treated in the ” integrated water cycle .” A basic necessity increasingly scarce this increasingly polluted by mankind to use in urban, industrial and agro- food cycle.

Become waste , dirty and contaminated water in a recoverable product that will help in amortization machine N- AMATIC SYSTEMS, specified for each type of effluent , so that every drop of water can be reused up to three sometimes, before being returned to the soil or public waterways , complying with current legislation , allowing ROI , very favorable, with bio- degradable additives that will give peace of mind to be able to recycle their sewage without fear complaints, penalties or pay high fees for sanitation, to be completely autonomous and can get to get the ” certificate of working zero landfill ” and international certifications ISO 14001 Environment and the European EMAS .

ETAP , s ( water treatment ) WWTP ( urban ) for Manure SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT, Warehouses , Dairy Ind. , slaughterhouses , distilleries ……. not hesitate to contact us.


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